4 Code-Approved Ways to Mount Key-Link Posts


Posts are the anchors of a railing system. Poorly mounted posts jeopardize the safety of the entire railing, making it insecure and even prone to failure. Posts that aren’t securely mounted can fail at the attachment point, and on a second story deck or balcony (or higher) that could mean disaster. Code officials who are looking at post mounting will investigate where the post is mounted (for example, if it is surface-mounted, it should not be too close to the edge of the deck) and how (it should be secured into the substrate, not just the deckboard).   


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Manufacturers provide instruction for how to attach posts, and those instructions should always be followed. However, you will not know if the installation is code approved unless the manufacturer can provide third-party testing documentation.  

To secure posts to the deck over the long haul, Key-Link has four code-approved mounting methods and documentation to prove these methods’ code compliance. Here they are: 

Surface Mounted Posts 
This is the standard and best-known way to mount posts. Add Key-Link’s underdeck mounting bracket, an easy-to-use bracket that acts as a washer on one set of bolts, for a code compliant install. This traditional method both looks good and functions well on a standard deck.  

underdeckbracket installed (3) Underdeck mounting bracket

Fascia Mounted Posts 
Using Key-Link fascia mounted brackets, you can mount the posts to the deck fascia making sure to fasten into the appropriate blocking between the joists. The main benefit of this mount is more space on the deck surface itself, but you also avoid drilling into the surface of the deck and disturbing a watertight membrane that might be protecting under deck living space.  

Facia Mount BracketsFascia mount brackets installed on wood

Through-Mounted Posts 
Use the framing of the deck to securely mount a longer post. This method involves running a post through the deck and fastening it directly to the joists underneath the decking. This results in a truly structural post that will last as long as your outdoor living space does.

Concrete Mounted Posts 
When securing posts to concrete, use lags appropriate to the material. As long as the appropriate fasteners are used and the instructions are followed, a Key-Link post that is surface mounted to concrete or mounted using the correct fascia mounting system, is code compliant. 


If you need documentation or third-party testing reports for posts or other parts of the Key-Link railing system, please contact us!

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