Enhance the Look of Your Home with Cable Fittings

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Did you know you can create your own cable railing with cable fittings? These handy little fittings fasten into wood and let you update your space in a modern, on-trend way.

Some cable fittings systems are complicated, with multiple options, different end pieces, and pre-cut cable lengths. We prefer cable fitting types with just two pieces, one for level runs and one for stair runs, and a big roll of cable you can cut from depending on the length you need. This gives lots of added flexibility and allows for changes right on the job.

An additional benefit of Key-Link fittings: there is no crimping required to get your cable into the fitting. You simply insert it, the lockjaw housing closes around it, and it’s secure and ready to tension.

Using Cable Fittings Outdoors 
Cable fittings work wonderfully on a deck or porch if you need to create railing. Key-Link fittings can go directly into the exterior wall of a home and run to a wooden or aluminum post or create runs between posts. This works for both new construction and retrofits. If you’re resurfacing a deck and want to update your railing but save the wooden posts and top rail, cable fittings are the ideal way to give yourself a modern upgrade.

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Using Cable Fittings Indoors
Want to create a unique modern railing on your interior stairs? Cable fittings fasten into wall studs or wood posts and allow you to run cable the length of your stair to create a railing. You can also install balcony or loft railing with cable using these fittings. 

And if you want to get even more creative, cable fittings give you the freedom to put cable wherever you want to, as long as you have somewhere to fasten it!

cable rail creativeThis creative combo of cable and wood is just one way you could use cable fittings

Key-Link cable fittings were used on this recent episode of Building on an Island, which you can watch below. You can also watch our install video by clicking here

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