How to Use Color in Your Deck or Porch Railing


When you think of green, red, silver, or brown, you probably don’t think of your deck railing! Many people have trouble envisioning how a colorful railing would look on their porch or deck, or how it would coordinate with their home colors.

So you might be asking: How do I use a hunter green railing? But a better question is: how do I integrate a color palette into my entire home and aesthetic? Key-Link has created three palettes to help inspire and answer this question.

The Coastal Palette

Our coastal palette is meant to inspire thoughts of sand, surf, dunes, and grasses. Used in conjunction with blues, whites, light greens, and other surfside colors, glossy white or brownstone railing helps to evoke a beachy vibe.


Coastal Palette


The Modern Palette

The Modern palette has an urban and contemporary feel. This palette includes a gloss black color, red, and silver and is meant to make you think of bright lights, busy sidewalks, and skyscrapers that hum with activity. If you have a rooftop deck or a balcony downtown, this palette is perfect.

 Modern Palette

The Rustic Palette

Hunter green, Kona, Speckled Walnut and Gloss Bronze make up the rustic palette of green and browns. Together this palette speaks to those who want to remember time spent in the woods. If you’re ready to take your cabin’s deck (or any deck) to the next level, investigate these rustic tones.

Rustic Palette


Of course, these colors are interesting on their own. A colorful Victorian home is a wonderful place to incorporate some red railing. Hunter green paired with a gray stone façade is beautiful on a traditional suburban home. Instead of thinking solely about railing color, think about your home’s entire color scheme and how the colors can work together to give you the overall look and feel you want.

By carefully selecting colors that speak to you, you're creating a unique space that's customized to the lifestyle you love. 


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