Insider Tips for Running Horizontal Cable

Horizontal Cable Details

Key-Link has one of the easiest horizontal cable systems on the market, but you can still run into the occasional issue when it comes to running cable through the posts. After you’ve done a few jobs you’ll be a pro, but to get you started, our in-house training team shared these tips for an even easier installation of horizontal cable! 

Use the Proper Tools

To take cable through line posts, a threading needle is a fundamental tool if you want to simplify your job. Because the cable is flexible, sliding it through the holes can be a challenge. Adding the stiff threading needle allows you to take it through the holes easily. (Of course this only works with line posts and intermediate support balusters. See below for corner post tips!)

Another essential tool that Key-Link sells is the specially engineered head to attach to standard 10-R pliers. Your cable gripping pliers hold the cable without damaging it, which is perfect when you need to tension it. The pliers are ideal anytime you need to hold cable firmly. And, if you need to release cable, you can use your pliers to gently hit the cable release key to force it into the fitting. 

horizontal cable tools

Taking the Corner

When taking cable through a corner post, our in-house trainers have some crucial tips. First, corner fittings have a threaded side and an open side. If you can, make sure you’re starting your cable at the threaded end (identifiable by the hexagon pattern) and coming out the fully open end so there are no threads for the cable to snag. In addition, make sure your cable is cleanly cut and not fraying at all, and bend it slightly before taking it through the corner post. If neither the clean cut nor the bend is enough, a piece of electrical tape around the end can help you guide it through the corner post.

corner post fittings

You can see the threaded pattern of the corner fitting in the top photo and the open, unthreaded end of the corner fitting in the bottom photo. Start cable at the threaded end whenever possible, so there is nothing for it to snag on when it comes through. 

corner post-2

To see a video version of these tips and tricks, make sure to check out our Horizontal Cable Pro Tips video on YouTube!

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